A Lavender Dream Wedding at Chatfield Farms

Adam & Cassie

August 12th, 2018

Chatfield Farms, Denver, CO


Cassie was a gorgeous, bright-eyed go getter living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Being single at age 30 was a rarity for a southern belle, but she’d dated around + didn’t find anyone she gave a damn about yet. Cassie has a take it or leave it attitude–“I know what I want in life + I’m not gonna settle. I would’ve waited till I was 40 to find the man I was looking for, and I never let the pressure of others wanting me to get married force me to settle down with someone I didn’t wanna be with”. 

One day she was sitting on her friend Meg’s back porch, and she had the idea to introduce Cassie to her coworker Adam. She got on Facebook + started showing Cassie all these photos of him–he was from Colorado, had been all over the world + loved going on daring escapades. Cassie was down to meet Adam, and in kind, Meg introduced them in an email.

“At 30, you don’t get excited about blind dates anymore–but taking girls out is expensive so you gotta prescreen through email,” Adam laughed, and they eventually went out to dinner. It was his third date that weekend, yet this one was different. “We talked a lot about traveling + Colorado, and I knew right away it wouldn’t be our last date,” he remembered. Cassie added, “He already stuck out from all the other southern men I’d met.”

Once he walked her to her car + saw her Subaru (the most uncommon choice of car for a Charlotte girl), she caught his interest once again. On their next date, he invited her to help build a project for a friend + ordered pizza. Cassie knew Adam was just seeing if she could hang, but she was in for the ride.

The third date, they went out to dinner while Adam toted white crocs, and Cassie was head over heels for his tenacity in a flashy, stylish town. They continued seeing each other + doing work projects together, yet Cassie was skeptical of it all. Adam reasoned, “I grew up in a ‘let’s do this together’ teamwork mentality with entrepreneur parents, and I wanted to incorporate Cassie into that to see if we could work alongside of each other + get something accomplished”. Turns out they could.  

They made the massive decision to trust each other. Leaving everything they knew, both Adam + Cassie left their jobs, moved to Colorado, and travelled together on the adventure of a lifetime. They bought a camper van in Holland + road tripped through twenty European countries, while they got to know the ins + outs of each other. 

“We look back at it on a daily basis + it was the most memorable experience ever,” Cassie beamed. “We’ve made a lot of leaps in life separately, but to do it with somebody else puts a lot more risk on the decision because something could go wrong. I never knew I would be one to make sacrifices like I have for the man in my life, but the fact that I’m doing it with Adam made it that much easier”.

“We learned that each day, we can wake up + decide what we want to do, instead of just doing what we think we have to do,” Adam followed.

They came back from Europe + lived in Adam’s dad’s basement while they found jobs, moved to a friend’s mountain cabin, and then bought a house once they were employed. One wintry morning at a genuine hot chocolate shop in New York City during Christmas time, they got engaged, surrounded by family. Now their determination + teamwork has manifested into their gorgeous remodeled Denver home where they make their lives, getting their hands dirty together.

In that same home, Cassie got ready to be a bride on her wedding day, surrounded by deep-rooted memories of herself + her love.


Adam prepped for the day surrounded by men from many places who have shaped him, and have hilarious stories to tell about him.

When they were all ready, they met in a lavender field to share letters + some tears together. 


Then they snuggled in some wildflowers…


…and danced with butterflies in a greenhouse.

{There’s no other way to get ready for your wedding, is there?}

They got married on a farm with wildflowers, baby bunnies, butterflies, pumpkin patches, cornfields, mountains, and dreams come true.

Surrounded by just their siblings (and flower girls), they walked down the aisle + sealed the deal.


After dancing in the sunset + running through a pumpkin patch, it was time for an all-night party. 


Everyone danced their hearts out while a live band bumped some jams, and the rest is history.


VENUE: Denver Botanical Gardens at Chatfield Farms

BAND: Deja Blu Variety Dance Band

VIDEOGRAPHER: Ampersand Family

–Em & Alan

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