Homegrown Wedding in the Hidden Aspens of Wyoming

Caroline & Connor

September 1, 2018

Tie Siding, Wyoming

On the corner of Old Town, Fort Collins sits the awe-striking Elizabeth Hotel, a mix of midcentury modern decor + showcase for Fort Collins favorites: music, art, and booze. This is where Caroline chose to begin her wedding day, and the sun gleamed gorgeously through its window panes as the bride, surrounded by her sisters + best friends, started getting pampered for the big day.


An early morning start called for popping some champagne + bumpin’ upbeat music while the hair + makeup frenzy ensued.


An hour’s drive away, tucked into the beautiful mountains of Wyoming, was the ceremony location–Caroline’s family’s ranch, that had been remodeled + perfected to hold her sweetest day. In a space where the aspens grow tall + the air is refreshing to the soul, God’s true glory shines, holding Caroline’s heart: barefoot freedom, childhood memories, and growing young together with her siblings.


As the ceremony grew closer + the wedding party continued getting ready at the ranch, emotions of excitement grew. Family + friends poured into the yard, filling the space with laughter + love in anticipation of seeing the groom + his bride walk down the aisle.




Connor stood at the top of the hill, anticipating his first look with his almost-wife. As the four-wheeler carried her to the spot, tears welled up in the corners of his eyes, and he heard Caroline’s slow little footsteps walking ever so gracefully toward him.

It was an enchanting start to the day for two equally free-spirited people.

The most precious moments of life are shared with those who stood beside you through it all. 


The music started + guests cozied up on the hill where the handcrafted ceremony sat, in a forrest of aspens + pine. Emotions flooded the atmosphere–this was a moment everyone anticipated for years.


Before exchanging rings, the couple invited their family up to the altar where they helped plant a tree in representation of their unity; a symbol of the importance their family roots hold in supporting them throughout their lives.

Kissing as husband + wife for the first time, the two walked down the aisle, gathering after the ceremony with their best friends to celebrate. Tears, laughter, and overjoyed hearts surrounded them; a moment that will last forever in their hearts.

After the ceremony, everyone gathered under a big white tent in the heart of the forrest. With whimsical views in every direction, a handmade bar built by Caroline’s brother, and golden sunlight shining through every crack of the trees, dinner was served.




Sneaking away in the peak of sunset, Caroline + Connor got a moment to enjoy each other’s sweet company in the midst of it all.


As the night went on, conversations flowed, laughter grew louder, dancing began, and crackling fireworks lit up the sky, all in honor of a couple so deeply loved + celebrated.


–Em & Alan

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