Molly & Connor’s Urban Wedding At The St. Vrain

Molly & Connor

August 4th, 2018

The St. Vrain, Longmont, CO

Molly + Connor’s story starts on the other side of the world in Calcutta, India. At their wedding, one of the most mentioned aspects about these two courageous souls is that for their study abroad experience, both chose to explore a destitute, chaotic location bursting the comfort zone of most. During their stay in India, they caught the eye of one another–and they never looked away.

They ventured into a life together, with hands tightly clasped to carry them through injustices + social issues. Through everything, Molly + Connor stand up for the kinder, more inclusive way. And as they planned their wedding, they challenged the way our world has viewed partnerships. It was a gorgeous August day that made everyone think a little deeper–a celebration of two powerhouses who simply believe the same things to their core, and are brave enough to do stuff about it.

Alone, they are already changing the world. Together, they are a revolution.

Molly + Connor’s venue gave their wedding an urban feel with luxurious, vintage touches, and deep, rich tones. It was the perfect complement to Molly’s lavender ball gown.



As soon as Connor was ready for his bride, they had a moment together for their first look, where he surprised Molly with his guitar + a song he wrote for her. Through tears + giggles, he serenaded his love + they soaked in the day.

When it was time to walk down the aisle, Connor + Molly came forth at the same time, both their parents escorting them, to meet in the middle.

Before vowing promises to one another, they vowed promises to all their friends + family about what they would do as partners to make the world better. They made promises about making efforts to preserve this wild, beautiful earth, about battling patriarchy + inequality, about fighting for their friends facing injustices. 

Then they made promises to each other, starting off with, “I vow to never complete you, but to compliment you.” And they are the most perfect compliment. Molly is a firecracker, who has no problem getting laughter to erupt in a room of 300 + oozes a self-respect that liberates others. Connor is loving of every soul that crosses his path, creative + full of peace. Together they are humble, but they really are strong, bold, + wild. 

It was a goosebump-filled room when they were announced ‘Partners for Life’.

After their ceremony, they shared in the most beautiful embraces of emotion with their friends. And made it freaking official.

We gallivanted in a garden that mirrored the most raw, refreshing joy the couple radiated through their entire day.



As the tables were set, Molly + Connor welcomed everyone to the reception + introduced their wedding party personally, announcing why each person was significant to them. The room was so incredibly full with people who travelled near + far to celebrate.

The wine was popped + all their people filled the dance floor to the brim in pure freedom. 


Venue: The St. Vrain

Coordinating: Cassie Kieffer | Brindle + Oak

Catering: Heather Stansel | Sugar Pine

Florist: mea. flowers

DJ: Chris Michalik | MAG Music

Dress: BHLDN

–Em & Alan

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