Colorado Elopement: Married During A Pandemic

Mallory & Sean

Fort Collins, Colorado

March 26, 2020

Mallory + Sean got married during a pandemic. They were supposed to be in Scotland, running through open fields on the adventure of a lifetime for their elopement.

But everything changed once the virus hit. ⁣⁣

Sean waiting anxiously for the first look with the love of his life…
…who showed up as a dinosaur to surprise him.

They were going to elope in the mountains of Colorado instead. It would be almost as stunning as a Scotland mountain top elopement. But it was the best they could do with all of the measures in place during unprecedented + turbulent times in the world.

And then, three days before the planned date, Colorado put out a Stay at Home Order, in which no one was allowed to leave their home unless it was absolutely necessary, effective the next day at 5pm.

So with less than twenty four hours notice, Mallory + Sean were getting married the very next day. Just like that.

They could at least go up the foothills just a bit in town to have a stunning elopement close to home.

And then a few hours later, another notice went out to the public that the Stay at Home Order would be effective instead at 8am the next day. So they were getting married in the officiant’s backyard.

Mallory put it into words perfectly–”I said ‘I do’ to giving up my Scotland elopement dreams, then mountaintop elopement dreams, and then just the simple expectation of having flowers in hand when I walked down the figurative ‘aisle’. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would love a man so much that I wouldn’t want to go another day without marrying him. I got married in a backyard and spent my honeymoon doing yard work, fixing up our home and watching movies. It has been magical, romantic, and more than I had hoped for.” 

As the pastor said when the ten people Mallory + Sean chose to be there gathered for the ceremony, “this is a wedding unlike any we have ever experienced, and there will never be another like it.”⁣⁣

But they were married. And to Mallory + Sean, that was the most important part. Every word they spoke during their vows still carried the same depth + meaning, the most important people in the world to them still witnessed their marriage be officiated, and it was still one of the best days of their lives, big old hearts dancing in both their eyes.

–Em & Alan

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