Wedding at the Historic, Riverside Mishawaka

Tristan & Monti

October 20th, 2018

The Mishawaka Amphitheater, Fort Collins, Colorado

The ‘Mish’, as the locals call it, is a historic, riverside concert venue tucked into the winding canyon, surrounded by mountains. It’s where the unconventional reside; the hippies + camper dwellers + nature lovers + free spirited alike. 


Which made for the absolute perfect setting for Tristan + Monti’s dream day. They are the kind of people who operate better without a plan; who have no rules + never needed them anyway. 

They feel best breathing the fresh, wild air with just their favorite people surrounding them–no need for those fancy details. They just take away from what’s most important, anyways. It was a bluebird day in the mountains with pure blue water + splotches of autumn’s last colors speckling the venue.

As Tristan + Monti got ready in separate cabins, their parents were the most adorable companions. Tristan’s dad helped him get that tie perfectly fixed, adding Tristan’s tie clip with his grandfather’s birthstone affixed, carrying a piece of their lineage with him. 

And Monti’s sweet mother couldn’t help but dote over her daughter + bride all afternoon as she helped her with each step of the process.


Monti’s best gals helped with the finishing touches, and it was time to meet her man out back by the airstream. 


Their first look was a moment of anticipation, giddiness, + nervousness as they got ready to seal the deal. 


Once it was time, their emotions were so saturated that nothing else mattered, except for that they were husband + wife. Monti’s grandpa led them through the ceremony, and her vows were even straight from the heart–no script needed. 




After they had their kiss, they shared some moments just taking deep breaths of excitement together in wonderment.

Then, we headed to the riverside for some kickass sunset time as guests settled in with fresh-grilled burgers from the bar.


As the sun sank behind the hills, venue lights illuminated the canyon’s natural surroundings in vibrant rainbows. It could not have been a more perfect setting, with all the bride + groom’s loved ones.

–The most whimsical wedding day for two unscripted people.


–Em & Alan

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