Windsong Estate Wedding in Fort Collins, Colorado

Hannah & Patrick

Windsong Estate

Fort Collins, Colorado

June 16, 2019

Patrick starts off the story, “so we met freshman year of college on August 28th,”– “Wow” Hannah laughs at his precise memory.

“Hannah was having a bonfire at her house + I saw her + thought ‘ooh, who’s that cute girl.’ We met that night + I just started having a huge crush on her.”

However, after their first meeting, both were busy with other things + relationships. Then, spring break of freshman year, the two went on the same mission trip, and Patrick started noticing Hannah again. But, he had another girlfriend at the time.

“As soon as I broke up with my girlfriend…” says Patrick, “his roommate asked me on a date,” laughs Hannah. “So I dated his roommate for a couple months. That did not work out at all, though. So then we started talking.”

Hannah recalls, “we’re both big skiers, so we went skiing all the time during winter break, just as friends. We were ‘just friends’ for a while, even though we knew we both liked each other. We were just being patient.”

After hanging out a lot through the spring, Patrick decided to officially ask Hannah out on April Fools Day. After asking her out, he threw in a “April Fools!”. Hannah was not amused.

But she knew he was actually serious about it, and so they went out on a date. Which led to many, many more dates, kisses goodnight, adorable laughter, fights, make-ups, and ‘I love you’s.

That next September, Hannah + Patrick were out mountain biking together. Once they got to a special point in the trail where Patrick first told Hannah he loved her, he got down on one knee.

A little short of one year later, they found themselves on their wedding day. Putting on that dress she’d always dreamed of, slipping that ring on her finger he’d saved up for over many months, crying endless tears of joy as they looked each other in the eyes during their wedding ceremony.

Patrick + Hannah’s ceremony brought an ever-present, tangible joy to life. It was full of emotion + meaning + intentionality, lifetimes in the making. Their parents looked on as the little people they created became a family of their own, and they couldn’t be more proud.

“He is very driven + motivated. My favorite thing about Patrick is that he’s so selfless. If he sees a need, he jumps in + fills it before he’s ever asked + before anyone else even notices. I love that we love the same things–we spend a lot of time outdoors skiing, camping, and biking.”

“She’s gorgeous. Obviously. And she’s great for me–the tangible grace of God in my life. She’s so forgiving + patient when I’m not. She knows me so well, and we have a lot of fun together doing nothing.”


COORDINATOR: Windsong event center

DJ: The Homestead Collective

BRIDAL GOWN: Encore Bridal

FLORIST: Paul Wood Florist

CAKE ARTIST: Mary’s Mountain Cookies


–Em & Alan

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