Urban Longmont Winter Wedding at The St. Vrain

Lucy & Jonah

The St. Vrain

Longmont, Colorado


Lucy + Jonah first met on a blind date the summer of 2015 set up by none other than their own mothers. So they added each other on Facebook + the next week they went to Ben + Jerry’s.

At the end of the summer, thinking whatever they had was just a summer fling, Lucy ended things with Jonah. An adventurous + bright soul, Lucy left for Europe to study a semester abroad. When she returned four months later, Jonah reached out to ask about her trip.

They met to catch up over some pizza, and then Lucy never heard from Jonah. Her best friend Andrea was convinced they were going to get married + begged Lucy to text him again.

Meanwhile, from Jonah’s perspective…

Jonah had known since the day he met her he wanted to marry her. But when she broke up with him after the summer, he was devastated. So he knew when she was back from Europe he had to meet up with her. After they did, he was sure she was over him.

Lucy did end up texting Jonah after all,  and ever since then, “it’s always been Jonah,” she says.

When the time came three years later that Jonah wanted to ask Lucy to marry him, she was clueless.

It was the day after her sister Ann got engaged, so Lucy was completely concerned with being happy for her. But Jonah wanted Lucy to come to his grandparents housewarming party in Denver on a Tuesday night, which was weird.

On the drive down, Lucy noticed Jonah gripping the steering wheel so tight his knuckles were white. He suddenly said he had to pull over because the truck was overheating (it was April).

After opening up the hood + checking everything out, he asked Lucy to grab a toolbox in the center console for him. When she opened it, there waiting for her were flowers + a ring. Shocked, she quickly shut the console. “That’s not tools!!” she exclaimed to Jonah, beginning to cry. Jonah grabbed the flowers + ring + got down on one knee.

“We’re not going to Grandma’s,” he smiled, “we’re catching a flight to San Diego right now.”

He had packed Lucy’s bag for their 36-hour celebration trip. They stayed in an AirBnb one block from the beach, and just soaked in their time together as a newly engaged couple, dreaming of their wedding + life together.

Their wedding ceremony involved participation of their whole family, in the most beautiful + intimate way, revealing how tight-knit their families are.

Lucy’s brother-in-law officiated the ceremony, her sister sang ‘You Swept Me Away’ by the Avett Brothers, her other sister read the same Bible passage from their parent’s wedding ceremony, Jonah’s grandmother also read a Bible passage, and both sets of parents contributed marriage advice read during the ceremony.

What started with a blind date ended in a beautiful marriage defined by the strength + love of family, quick to celebrate each other, laugh together, and hit a dance floor.

Of course it was fitting to top off the night with Ben + Jerry’s ice cream, the first treat they ever shared together.

“He’s my best friend,” Lucy beams.“He loves me for who I am + I love him for who he is. We come from very different worlds, which helps us to compliment each other + fill the other up when we’re not full. We balance each other.”


VENUE–The St. Vrain

CATERER–Sugar Pine

DJ: Elite Entertainment

COORDINATOR: Calico Weddings

FLORIST: Andrea Walker-Duran


DESSERT: Ben & Jerry’s Fort Collins

MAKE-UP ARTIST: Snack Bar Beauty

HAIR ARTIST: Jessica Ashley Hair Design


TUXES: Jos A. Bank Loveland

–Em & Alan

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