Moody Intimate Wedding at Roxborough State Park

Lillian & Kevin

Roxborough State Park

Littleton, Colorado


“Lily is the most dedicated + caring person I’ve ever known.”

“She really wants to make a difference in people’s lives.

For her, the only thing that really matters is other people, and making their lives better. That selflessness + dedication continually impresses me; even if she is struggling, I can still see how strong + brilliant she is.”

“Kevin is incredibly patient,”

“because I can be a difficult person. He’s very generous with his time + effort–he’s always there to help no matter what you’re trying to accomplish, even if you just need a cookie. I’m just drawn to his sweetness.”

“We met in 2013 where we grew up, in Chicago,” Lily says, beginning their story. “I was put into an advanced French class in high school, which is how I ended up needing Kevin. We both sat next to a mutual friend of ours who I was always trying to make laugh. Kevin kept interrupting my jokes with his own jokes + I was always like, ‘you took my punch line!’”

“Then, we were grouped together to make a quiche on a field trip to a French cultural center, and we had a lot of fun. Later, Kevin demanded to sit next to me on the bus. He pulled out his iPod so we could listen to some music, and as I was scrolling through his playlist, I realized we liked all the same music (even Taylor Swift). Which is funny because now he tells me all my music is annoying.”

The two began recalling all their favorite memories together since the beginning, laughing like it was yesterday.

“We decided to go to a Taylor Swift concert together, and I was like, ‘okay I hope I still like him in a few months!’. Then I invited him to come to post prom with me.”

“We hung out all night, and I told him about the power of positive thinking. He didn’t believe me, but when he was playing one of the games, I told him he was going to win an Amazon Kindle, and he did. And then there was a situation where a guy I had previously dated was jealous + kept trying to worm his way into our night, so I made him even more jealous by asking Kevin to take down my hair + stuff like that. It was a good time.”

“A week later, we had our first official date. I came over + made him strawberry pancakes. We ate them on the back porch + watched Dracula.”

“A few days later we went to Steak + Shake, and Lily picked the cherry off her shake + threw it out the window. I was horrified.”

Lily shares one of her favorites: “We were going to Devil’s Lake for a hike + when Kevin came to pick me up, my dad opened the door in his robe + was like, ‘Hey Kevin!’ + I was like, ‘Dad!! You’re not normal!’ Then, as I was cleaning my contacts with what I thought was contact solution, my eyes started burning + I realized I had accidentally put my sister’s ear wax remover on my eyes instead.”

“This set the precedent for all our future hiking dates,” adds Kevin, smiling.

When Kevin moved to Boulder, Lily would come out to visit him + they would go hiking at Kevin’s favorite spot + Lily would get hurt every time. But she kept doing that hike with Kevin.

“Our first six months of long distance was really hard, but over the next five years we learned how to make it work + how to communicate,” adds Kevin. “But we had a lot of good times in there + made it through.”

“Kevin got us through it whenever I wanted to quit. Sometimes I was just like, ‘this is too hard, I can’t handle it,’ and Kevin would tell me how much he cared about me + bring up all the little things he loved about me. One time when it was really bad, Kevin surprised me by flying in overnight + showing up at my door at 7am.”

Kevin got a really good job out of college + moved to Colorado Springs while Lily continued grad school in Chicago. She moved to Colorado after graduating + the two were finally reunited. 

“Kevin had a brilliant, beautiful plan to propose to me in Chicago, but something happened + I was just not in a good mood that day. So a few days later, we walked down to the edge of Lake Michigan, looking at the view of downtown Chicago.”

Kevin says, “I think she was expecting it, but she was still overcome with emotion. Then we went out to Lily’s favorite bar for drinks.”

After the ceremony + some time for just the two of them at Roxborough, Lily + Kevin met their friends + family at Table 6, one of their favorite date spots, for the reception.


BRIDAL GOWN: Oleg Cassini (David’s Bridal)
FLORIST: FlowerMoxie, arranged by bride
CATERER: Table 6, Denver
CAKE ARTIST: Sarah Joyce (Buttercream Bakeshop)
MAKE-UP ARTIST: Leila Wangler
HAIR ARTIST: Leila Wangler
SUIT: Dillard’s

–Em & Alan

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