Bohemian Riverside Wedding at Planet Bluegrass

The Lee Wedding

June 10th, 2018

Planet Bluegrass, Lyons, CO

March 2016, Emily was enjoying the afternoon with one of her good friends, Christian, when all of a sudden he got a call from a friend named Gary, asking if he wanted to eat a bunch of Mexican food. Christian told him bring it over, and that’s when Gary met Emily for the first time. “I remember talking to him + thinking how cute he was.”


Another night, after a few margaritas, Emily cheekily told Christian she would go on a date with Gary, if the opportunity presented itself. “I wasn’t interested in the slightest, in a nice way,” Gary smiled.


So some time passed, and Gary was heading to a gender reveal party. He saw Emily, on a run. He pulled over to chat, and ended up talking with her instead of going to most of the party. He asked Emily out to tacos–“I did NOT think it was a date,” she remembers.


They kept hanging out. At a Sufjan Stevens concert, they shared their first magical kiss.

Emily is a backpacking guide, and after spending one week on trail, she decided when the time came to define what was going on, she would say yes to the relationship. In between that trip + her next, Gary came up to the camp, took her by the horses, and said, “well, we can either do this now or when you get back.” So they made it official.

From very early on, Emily felt Gary was going to be the one she would marry. It scared her, so she ran away from it all a few times. “I put all my guards up, I ran away, I isolated myself, and tried to be this independent woman.” But it didn’t phase Gary, and he always remained steady with a simple peace + knowing. “He knows how to pursue me.”

The Lord had told her, “your husband will have a heart of gold”. So she wore a gold locket on her wedding day. “I’ve never met someone with such a good heart. He will be perceived as foolish any day–he keeps me playful + not having to be so type A all the time. He’s better with kids than I am. I feel most myself around him.”

“She loves Jesus. She’s driven + passionate about her goals. She’s really good at what she does. She’s fun + goofy, and not afraid to live in the woods for a week. She’s an encourager.”

June 10th, a slow summer Sunday, arrived–their wedding day. She had prayed to her Papa for a warm day, and that it was. Their wedding was at an old riverside concert venue, with a barn, a yurt, and lots of people floating by on their inner tubes all day.

Their first look was a moment being written longer than Emily could comprehend. 

Once she laid eyes on her groom for the first time, she read him a list through sweet tears. It was all the things God had promised her in a husband one day, Gary embodying every single one, without even knowing it. They had each found their person, the one God always intended them to find.


Emily + Gary are detail people–everything surrounding them was intentionally chosen, Scripture + pureness of their carefree hearts wrapped up in it all.

They married in a shady spot by the river, all their people surrounding them.


Their best friends, who stood beside them, encircled Gary + Emily to pray blessings over their marriage–a few divine minutes, connected with the One they revered most.


After they did the thing, everyone headed to the vintage barn reception of their wildest dreams. Emily curated most of the decor by hand, bringing her watercolor + calligraphy skills together to create a colorful, bohemian party. 

During their first dance as husband + wife, cotton started falling from the sky, making a whimsical summer wonderland.

As the sun set on a day Heaven drew close, fourteen ramblers + gypsies danced in the golden light as it faded.


VENUE: Planet Bluegrass

COORDINATOR: Dawn Meitz | Spice of Life Catering



DJ: Rickochet Entertainment

FLORIST: Jessica MacMillan | LaRee Blooms

DESSERTS: Dessert Stand | The Creperie



–Em & Alan

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