July 4th in the Heart of Retro Dreams

it’s a tradition in my fiancé’s family to spend every 4th of July at grammie’s quaint 70’s style lake cabin in Minnesota. I came for my first visit last summer, and I realized this cabin has got every beautiful essential of the perfect 4th of july. no wonder it’s what everyone looks forward to at the height of summer–in my giddiness to return, I brought together all of its little quirky details.

the cabin has been in alan’s family for a long while, and despite all the other cozy cabins turning into towering lake mansions around it, it remains straight from the past in all its glorious nostalgia.

the perfect 4th of july begins with a lake.

we spend afternoons exploring the inimitable belongings left behind for decades of summers to be rediscovered each year.

and enjoying all sunsets with the best view.

and of course–the independence day bbq.

we get to relish in all the timeless activities that normal hurried life makes impossible.

…what is happy hour without a boat?

and what is happy hour on a boat if you’re not on the sandbar with all the boats?

as soon as that sweltering sun sets, the sparklers come out until we go to enjoy the firework show.

–Em & Alan

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