Fort Collins Lush Forest Wedding & Old Town Reception

Jeff & Holly

Fort Collins, Colorado

Block One Events 



These are the words that have echoed through Jeff + Holly’s relationship, the words they have said to one another as they slowly let their scars + stories show, their love slowly unfolding along with them.

For many years they were just two people–their paths crossed countless times in a single week–both volunteering for the same nonprofit, they had mutual friends, went to the same church, attended the same meetings every month, yet had few interactions.

Every year this nonprofit had a Christmas party which all the staff had to bring a date to, and Holly had asked another old friend of hers. But one morning, at one of their meetings, Jeff caught her eye + she whispered in my ear, “Darn, I should’ve asked Jeff to be my date this weekend!”

A couple days later, at a different holiday party, Holly + Jeff participated in a white elephant gift exchange. There was a long-standing tradition in the community in which people put in dates with their friends as gifts (unbeknownst to person subjected to the date). When someone opened a gift reading ‘A Date With Jeff See’, Holly made a cheeky move + stole the date!

A few days later, Jeff asked her if he could take her on that date. They went to a $5 burger bar, looked at Christmas lights, and watched The Office. At the end of the night, he asked to take her on another date, and soon enough, a romance budded out of what started as a silly game. 

Ceremony | Rolland Moore Park–

Reception | Block One Events–

The newlyweds ended the night by walking down the street to stay at their hotel, The Elizabeth.


VENUES: Rolland Moore Park | Block One Events

GOWN: Dora Grace

HAIR: Devyn Hair Art

CATERER: Olive Garden

–Em & Alan

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