How to create a magical first look on your wedding day

We love a traditional walk down the aisle entrance and all the emotions that go along with it. Hand us the tissues! But we turn into total saps when capturing an intimate first look moment between our soon-to-be married couples. 

Of course, you will share many tender moments with your partner on your wedding day, but the first look is unique. Everything fades away as you and your future spouse connect one on one. 

This is the first time you’ll see one another before standing at the altar, looking into each other’s eyes as everyone watches. The excitement and anticipation that builds up to that moment cannot be underestimated. So we’ve put together some tips to help you capture a magical first look on your big day!

Define what you’d like your first look to be like

First look photos are great because they allow you to capture a moment that feels like it belongs only to you and your partner. Here are some questions to help you think through what kind of first look will make the most sense for your wedding day:

1: How long should the first look last? Do you want it to be just a peek or enough time for kisses and hugs?

2: What kind of pictures do you want from this moment? Will there be an opportunity for more formal portraits later on, or do you want to capture your couple’s portraits at this time?

3: Where would be the best place for this moment (and why)? You may decide that it’s best not to have any other people present as part of your first look, which could mean it takes place in a secret location off-property at another location nearby. Or there might be something special about being somewhere familiar to add an extra level of meaning (like having your first look at the park where you had your first date).

Create a timeline for the day that includes your first look

Once you have decided on what type of moment you would like for your first look, you can make sure to carve out time for it during your big day. Creating a timeline is a crucial aspect of planning your wedding day. The timeline allows you to plan out each part of your wedding in detail and ensure everything runs smoothly.

If you’re considering including a first look, don’t forget to make space for that memorable moment in your timeline. 

Decide with your photographer on how to want to do the reveal.

How you want to do the first look reveal is a personal choice that should resonate with each of your personalities. There are a few different options, including:

• The traditional tap on the shoulder like Brittany + Jonathan

• Standing back to back and turning at the same time. 

• Walking (or maybe even running) down a hallway towards each other

• Or you may decide on just a first-touch where a look isn’t even involved. 

In addition to deciding how you want to do the reveal, determine what you want to do after seeing each other for the first time! For example, you may choose to have an epic embrace, share letters you have written for one another, exchange meaningful gifts, or take a short walk around the block for an intimate moment away.

Relax + enjoy this moment! 

Your first look is an intimate experience to share with one another before your big day begins. Not only will you have time together to take some photos beforehand, but this could be the quietest and most relaxed part of your wedding day! 

The first look is a moment to celebrate, not stress about. So make sure to take a moment and breathe in the excitement of this private moment shared between just the two of you.

We can’t wait to help you create it!

–Em & Alan

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