Elegant Colorado Wedding at Cherokee Castle

Cookie & Tony

Cherokee Ranch & Castle

Sedalia, Colorado


“One of the first days I moved to Denver, I went out with a bunch of friends to a concert + Cookie showed up late to the concert,” Tony begins their story. “I looked over at my friend + said, ‘Who’s that?!’ and he said, ‘Oh that’s Cookie, she’s taken.’ Being new to the town I was like, ‘Alright, on to the next one.’”

“Six months later, that same friend came home from Top Golf + he said Cookie wanted him to give me her number. So evidently she wasn’t taken anymore. A few days later I shot her a text + we went out for a beer. I knew she had her ish together because on the first date she asked me what my credit score was,” Tony laughs.

“Ain’t nobody getting younger, or skinnier, or prettier here, okay.” Cookie interjects.

“Three years later I found out my credit score was higher than hers,” jokes Tony.

“So anyways, we hung out every single day + made our schedules work for each other. Things got serious + then we began traveling, backpacking, and adventuring together + eventually we bought a house. She pushes me in ways I’m not used to being driven in + vice versa.”

“She told me a story once about her favorite spot on earth–the arrivals gate at the airport.”

“There’s never any sadness at the arrivals gate,” Cookie adds. “It’s the happiest place on earth, everything is beautiful. I always just stop at the airport to watch people come through the arrivals because there’s just embracing + love.”

“So ever since she told me that the first month we were dating, I knew that was the place I wanted to propose.”

“My friend was getting married in Japan so we planned a trip to Korea to visit Cookie’s family as well. While we were there, it was a big thing for me to ask her father for permission to marry her. Nothing like traveling to the other side of the world to ask for permission. After three weeks in Asia + 36 hours of travel, we arrived at DIA at midnight. Thirty of Cookie’s closest friends were waiting at the arrivals gate for the proposal.”

“We almost had a couple code reds. A few days prior, Cookie got bit by a mosquito on her eye + it was swollen shut. And then on our way back from Korea, we made it two hours ahead of schedule. Cookie wanted to fly standby the last flight so we could get home early + I had to come up with excuses why we couldn’t. But we got there + she was so exhausted that she had no idea what was happening.”

So right there at the arrivals gate at DIA, Tony got down on one knee + asked Cookie to be his wife.

“I love everything about Tony, there’s not one thing I would change. He has a really big heart. He’s super kind + really cares for others–he’s super genuine. He will call to check on how you’re doing. He’s the only person I know who talks to his parents every single day. He puts others first all the time. Sometimes I have to remind him to think about himself, even. He’s very calm which helps me because I’m super anxious all the time. He’s so good to me. He has not one mean bone in his body.”

“Cookie is always smiling + energetic–she’s the life of the room. That’s the thing that first attracted me to her. When she showed up, her energy changed the room. If she’s set on something, her passion for it is immense. She’s the hardest working human I’ve ever met in my life.”

After a beautiful night of dancing under a tent outside the castle, the crowd sent off Cookie + Tony with glow sticks, showering them with love.


VENUE: Cherokee Ranch & Castle

COORDINATOR: Isabelle Kline

DJ: Tony Cummins | Sound Master Entertainment



FLORIST: Isabelle Kline

CAKE ARTIST: Nothing Bundt Cakes

MAKE-UP ARTIST: Arkady Jencks

HAIR ARTIST: Brittani Estes | ColoradoWeddingHair


TUXES: SuitSupply Denver

–Em & Alan

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