Summer Masquerade Wedding at the Grant Humphrey’s Mansion

Carey & Derek

Grant Humphreys Mansion

Denver, Colorado

June 1, 2019

June 1st always blissfully welcomes newlyweds, with its crisp air in the awakening of summer, everything around in the freshest bloom. This June 1st was no exception!

The girls began their day in downtown Denver at a bridal salon, generations of women surrounding each other + getting pampered together.

“I was talking to Derek on a dating website. What I can remember is that Derek decided to reach out to me, and then ignored me for two weeks!” Carey laughs.

“Okay, for the record, I didn’t ignore her, I was busy on another date,” Derek says, winking.

Carey shoots back, “You told me you had a deadline!”

“That was true. I didn’t know who she was yet, and I had this deadline, and then I got back to her,” explains Derek.

The two had decided to meet at a breakfast restaurant, and then hike up a glacier.

“Carey showed up with no makeup, hair in a ponytail, since we were hiking, and I just thought she was super chill,” says Derek. “So we decided to hang out again the next day, I cooked dinner + we watched football. Carey was all dolled up this time + when I opened the door I was like, ‘Oh my God, what!’–She was drop dead gorgeous!”

It was right around election time, so they were reminding each other to make sure to vote the next day.

Derek called Carey to make sure she voted, and she told him yes, and asked him if he did. He said yes too, so she asked if he picked the right one. He said yes again, secretly thinking about Carey + how he thought he had picked the right lady to take out on a date.

So Carey + Derek started spending a lot more time together. Their families started slowly meshing together, and after just five months, they were buying a house together.

“This is an amazing guy, I’m lucky. We fell in love pretty quick.”

“We had a lot of similarities from the beginning + we had such good communication because of coordinating our families + everything. I never worried about the what ifs, I just wanted to keep moving forward with her. Things just happened. We make decisions together, and because of that, it’s made us strong as a couple. We have a lot of life history before each other, and there’s things we’re still learning about each other. And I just love the hell out of her.”

Grant Humphrey’s Mansion gregariously welcomed everyone to an evening of festivities.

Being a mom + a bride means helping all your kids get snazzy, too.

At last, it was time to meet in the secret garden for the first look.

After the vows were ready, the boutonnieres were pinned, and everything was in place, all the guests gathered at the grand staircase to tie the knot.

Before Carey joined Derek up at the altar, all her kids joined her to welcome Derek into their family.

One of the things Carey’s son said in his toast was that he’s sincerely never seen his mom so happy. And that she found a man who treats her like an absolute princess. It was tangible in the air all day long that this was one of the truest + most beautiful things.

During the dance party, the newlyweds + their bridal party snuck away to change into all-black ensembles, and the evening turned into a full-on masquerade.


COORDINATOR: kendra cahill

DJ: trading post productions

BRIDAL GOWN: something new boutique

FLORIST: sweet pea designs

CAKE ARTIST: occasions

HAIR + MAKEUP ARTISTS: marissa + sarah | wedlocks


TUXES: men’s warehouse

CATERER: occasions

OFFICIANT: matt morgan

–Em & Alan

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