Small Town Wyoming Wedding in Laramie

Brooke & Danny

Alice Hardie Stevens Center

Laramie, Wyoming

June 8th, 2019

Laramie, Wyoming is a scenic, quiet town with a charming little main street, surrounded by wide open spaces. Brooke + Danny are just as sweet as you would expect, calling this place home.

“Okay so our story is as millennial as it gets,” Danny starts off. “I first saw her singing videos on the discover page on Instagram. I looked over at my roommate after watching a video + said, ‘I would kill for this girl.’ But, I knew I’d never have a chance with her.”

“I ended up going to an acapella concert one night with some friends + it turns out Brooke was one of the people singing in the group. I fell in love with her even more. I was too terrified to talk to her but someone introduced us, and I was losing my mind, but that was the first time we met. I still think she’s way out of my league.”

“Oh my gosh, you don’t need to think that anymore, I’m marrying you!” Brooke laughs.

“I moved to North Carolina, so we just chatted long distance for a while, and after two months I flew back to surprise Brooke + ask her on a date.”

“So, I love goofy funny guys,” Brooke says. “It makes my heart so happy to laugh. But I’m such a worrier + I would always pester Danny, being like, ‘do you think you’re gonna love me?'”

Meanwhile, the other night Danny had been walking home from a baseball game with a friend. He had been dating Brooke for two months, and he asked his friend if it was too early to tell her he loved her. He ended up telling her a few nights later + they shared in a sweet moment together.

“Everyone who meets Danny just falls in love with him. He’s so down to earth + easy to be around, and my whole family loves him.”

After toasts filled with as much tears as laughter, recalling Danny + Brooke’s love story from their best friends’ point of views, the night ended in dancing + an adorable sparkler exit.

–Em & Alan

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