Wedgewood Mountain View Ranch Wedding in the Valleys of Pine, Colorado

Alyssa & Chris

Wedgewood Weddings Mountain View Ranch

Pine, Colorado


“We met playing volleyball together, after we were placed on the same team,” Chris explains.

“Through being teammates + getting to know her on a competitive level, I was just drawn to her personality + style. I feel like we became good friends first, and then an attraction to her grew. It had been on my mind for a while to really start pursuing her in a romantic way.”

“It made so much sense to me after going on some dates that I was completely captivated by her as a person.”

As soon as Chris had set his sights on her, Alyssa told him she was moving back to Fort Collins the next time he saw her. But he knew she would be worth the commutes to hang out with her.

Alyssa’s side of the story was a little more aloof; “When I first met Chris, he was dating someone else, so he was always off limits to me.”

“I never thought about him romantically + we were just friends. I had no idea that he even had any interest in me, until we started really dating. The first time he asked to grab a beer, I totally thought of it as like, ‘just two teammates hangin’ out.’”

At one point during dinner, a huge piece of sausage flew out of Alyssa’s mouth + across the table. Chris was smitten.

“He was so easy to talk to and it was fun, but when we left, we awkwardly side-hugged + neither of us knew if it was a date,” Alyssa laughs.

“After that night, we ended up hanging out a lot + every time, we were able to just talk for hours + hours. So quickly, we could talk about hard life stuff + vulnerable things. I felt so comfortable, safe, + understood with him.”

“The level of confidence I’ve experienced with Alyssa is like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I was like ‘oh okay, this is what it’s supposed to feel like.’ It’s a huge lifted burden to be completely real with someone.”

“You’re not striving to impress each other or thinking he’ll leave if you say certain things. He loves me for me + I feel so confident being myself.”

Alyssa admits, “historically, I haven’t believed I’m someone worth fighting for in romance or friendship. But he changed my mind quickly when we realized we were both all in. We knew we were going to marry each other”

Chris even took some time before making it official with Alyssa to become the best man he could be.

“All the pain + hard stuff in our lives was for a reason + got us here. To be able to look back on the whole story + realize things were in the works the whole time to bring us together is pretty cool,” Chris looks over at Alyssa + smiles. “I love you.”


VENUE: Wedgewood Weddings Mountain View Ranch

BRIDAL GOWN:  Amanda’s Bridal

FLORIST: Flower Crowns from Little Lula Rose

CAKE ARTIST: Whole Foods + Wholly Cannoli 

HAIR + MAKEUP ARTISTS: Samantha and Mackenzie Hora / Professionally Faded

TUXES: ASOS Design, shoes: Sutro footwear, pants: J Crew, suspenders: Natural Leather Shop


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