Modern Wedding in Eclectic Denver Warehouse District

Allie & Tyson

Denver, Colorado

Major Studios


“Allie has a great sense of humor. She’s so passionate + fierce about what she loves + values. She doesn’t take any bullshit from anyone.”

“She’s sure of herself + who she is + she’s such a huge support to me. She makes me feel so valued. Everything I’ve wanted has showed up in Allie. She is that person in the middle who values faith + God + also the minorities + politics.”

“Tyson is so kind–unendingly kind. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Tyson. He’s super creative. I never thought I could be paired with someone who is also artistic like me.”

“He’s methodical; he thinks about what he says. He’s a man who’s done the work to know what it looks like to be a white dude in the world–I get to marry a male Christian feminist! YEAH! He’s doing the work + he’s engaged.” 

“We were set up on a blind date,” Tyson begins. “My friend had texted me + asked if I would be interested, and I said, ‘sure, but you can handle all the details.’ So turns out she’s not that great at it + it takes two months + then she sets us up to go to drinks at a place that’s closed on a Monday night. I got there early + went to the locked door, and started freaking out like not knowing what to do. It was pretty easy to find Allie, though because she was the only other person walking up to the place that’s closed.”

“So Tyson asked if I was comfortable riding in his car with him, and I thought that was very respectful. We went over to Denver Central Market for dinner + I noticed his hand was kind of shaking while he was holding the menu, so I realized he was nervous, which made me feel hot + sexy because I was making him nervous,” laughs Allie.

She continues, “I thought the date was pretty fun + then I got home + was telling my roommate about the date when Tyson texted me. He just said something sweet + kind of asked me on a second date.”

“I was like, you know what’s impressive? Going to art museums. So I asked her to an art museum. And that date was when we really hit it off + I knew we got along on a larger level.” Allie adds, “We went out for drinks after + the bartender gave us free shots because we looked so cute together.”

“Then the next day we hung out again. And then we were boyfriend + girlfriend on the fourth date. We talked for hours + hours. And to spend hours straight talking to someone was unique for me. Over our year of dating, we really realized the value of a partnership + how amazing it was to have Allie be my support through school.”

Allie explains, “Since we met when we had already done so much emotional work before we dated, it was like dog years for us. One year felt like seven. It’s been an easy road for us to choose each other.”

“I didn’t want the proposal to be extravagant, but just to remind us of things we’ve done together.” So Tyson proposed at the Clyfford Still Museum, where they had their second date, then they went back to Finn’s Manor + did shots of whiskey again.

“I just started telling her how the Clyfford Still was a fun starting point in our relationship + I thought it would be a fun transition point as well. And I opened up my hand + the ring was there.”

So here they were, Allie + Tyson, on their wedding day. After everyone was ready, all the finishing touches placed, the first look had, the rings put on, the wedding party surrounding them, 250 of their closest friends + fam gathered in Denver to watch the two wed.

After some tequila shots–duh.

After the most eloquently emotional vows, Allie + Ty served communion to all guests present at the wedding.

During the speech of Allie’s maid of honor + sister, Molly explained the very vital role women have played in their family throughout the generations. She began with Allie’s great grandma, and listed the simple yet monumental accomplishments of each woman, nodding to Allie’s aunts + mom, and how Allie was just another badass woman in a long line of powerful, influential women.

As the sun set on this beautiful wedding day, it was clear in the air that these two would create a space that was more inclusive, more compassionate, more sensitive + realistic + witty + creative, that everyone could have a part in to be fully known. And that is a partnership worth celebrating.


VENUE: Major Studios 
FLORIST: Mea. Flowers
CATERER: A Perfect Setting

–Em & Alan

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