It can be easy in this generation of constantly documenting our lives to let your photos live on the Internet + hard drives.

Don't let the legacies of these precious immortalized moments be diminished by keeping them digital–there is eternal value in the tangible. Think of holding photos from one of the most cherished days of your life in a gorgeously bound, luxury leather album you can pass down to your grandkids. You can't do that with an iPhone.

But trust me, I know the task of putting an album together can be daunting, and it's hard to find time to go through with it in our busy lives.

That's why I've created a simple streamlined process for getting your layflat album created. Just follow the steps below, putting your order in through the contact form at the bottom of the page, and you'll have your gorgeous family heirloom in your hands before you know it!

introducing the layflat legacy album.

A handcrafted, layflat album featuring thick photographic paper.

Cover options range from different varieties of leather + fabrics. 

Personalize the cover with a customized debossing.

1. fill out the form below

all albums include 10 spreads, custom cover debossing, and design services


The Process




Additional spreads:
$25 each

Additional spreads:
$30 each

Additional spreads:
$35 each

A spread is two pages laying flat. An album with 10 spreads will have 20 individual pages.





Parent Albums

A parent album is a smaller version of your exact album, but at a discounted price, making a meaningful gift for your parents or anyone else you want to thank. Below are the costs to add one on to your album order.


This will give me an exact idea of what you’re looking for so I can start designing your album. For me to start the process of designing your album, you’ll have to put down a nonrefundable $250 deposit.

These albums are designed with a minimalistic approach without crowding the page. Choose between 75-200 photos that best tell your story by marking them as a 'favorite' in your online gallery. On the first draft, I will design the album with as many spreads as the album needs to display all of your selected photos. 

2. i'll design your album

3. if needed, we'll go through two rounds of revisions


I'll send you your album draft and from there you’ll have two rounds to get it perfectly how you envision. You’re welcome to cut spreads from your album and combine them with other pages if you’d like to keep your album at 10 spreads. You can have six photos max on each spread.

Once everything looks exactly like you want it, I’ll invoice you for the final price based on how many extra spreads you add. Once your invoice is paid, I’ll put the order in! Once the order is placed, the album will be in your hands in a few weeks. So exciting!

Do you offer payment plans?

What's the difference between ordering through you = I can making my own album?

I admire the minimal approach, but I'd love to fit more photos on each page. is that an option?

Can I order a parent album without purchasing a regular album?

will 10 spreads fit all my photos or will I have to add additional spreads?

Why do you require a $250 deposit? Does it go toward my album payment?

Yes! I know finances can be unpredictable at this time, so I offer 3-month payment plans. Once your final payment is made, then your album order will be placed.


First of all, the quality of these albums is stunning + can't be found anywhere else. The thick, layflat pages feel luxurious as you hold them + flip through them, the photographs are perfectly color corrected to pop off the page yet hold a timelessness, and the cover is something you'll be proud to display in your home + view daily. These albums will last a lifetime without fading or discoloration.

Second, I’m taking most of the work off your plate. I constantly hear from clients that they’ve been meaning to order a wedding album, but just never have the time to do it. I'm saving you hours of your life by using my professional experience to decide which photos go where, design your album customized to your vision with layouts that flatter each image, and place the order for you.

Absolutely! I know how hard it is to narrow down your entire photo collection to a select few. It’s your album, and I want you to be 100% happy with it. Once I send you the first revision, you can just let me know what spreads/photos you'd like combined to cut down the spread number while still having all the photos you desire. Just keep in mind that for the photos to retain optimal quality, the limit per page is six photos.

Unfortunately not, the company I use only offers parent album orders to be placed at the time of the full-sized album order.

20 spreads is enough to fit your entire wedding day of photographs, you just have to be selective. I design albums with about 26-30 spreads because I like to include a multiple full-page photo spreads (they're so stunning it's absolutely worth it). Once we go through revisions, you can decide what you want to leave in + what you don't.

The $250 nonrefundable deposit will apply to the total cost of your album. I put so much work + time into these, and since I won't know the total price of your album until we finish the design process, I require it to ensure you’re going to purchase the album. I always keep you updated on the total price as we go through the design process, so don't worry, you'll never be shocked by the final price.

I want an album!

Lustre - Lightly pebbled, soft sheen, acid-free
Smooth-Matte - Thick pages, smooth texture, near-matte finish 

Please also let me know your font preference: serif, sans serif, script, or a combination
as well as your foil stamping choice (*colored options only available with luxe linen): blind, gold, rose gold, or silver

just want prints? see our print info here

let's get the process started

Your order form has successfully been submitted. Thank you kindly for taking the time to give me more info. I'm excitedly reading over your details i'll get back to you as soon as possible!


In the meantime, you can head here to pay your album deposit so we can get going asap!