Tibby + Lance’s Spring Wedgewood Denver Wedding


Wedgewood, Denver, Colorado

March 30, 2018

There was no emotion more present than joy. It was a day just a few months in the making, but completely anointed in Heavenly realms.

During the summer of 2016, Tibby was living abroad in Thailand, working with an anti-trafficking organization for a couple months. Her mom started going to a new church, and one Sunday, Lance’s family came in + sat in front of her. She had never met them, but God spoke to her that her daughter was going to marry that man who walked in. Never one to nag Tibby about getting married, this was just a one of a kind sense her mom knew was the voice of God. However, she didn’t tell Tibby about it.

A few weeks later, Tibby returned home from Thailand in pretty bad shape after a motorbike accident. Once a month of healing passed, her mom told her what God had said to her in church that one day.

At the beginning of the new year, Tibby decided to go to this church her mom wouldn’t stop talking about. It changed everything for her. As one of the leaders of the young adults group at the church, she met Lance + God started weaving their lives together, down to the very mysterious details. Finally Tibby thought to God, “You’ve told my mom this, and I need to know this is the person you’re putting in my life. You need to confirm this.” And He did.

. . .

As one of the few young adult women in the church, Lance noticed Tibby the moment she came in the door. After finding out about all her travels, he thought maybe she was actually too cool to even be friends with him. But she kept showing up so he was gonna get to know her anyways; “I uncompromisingly wanted someone in my life able to go to hard places in the world with me, because I knew God was taking me there, and I developed feelings for her.”


Through the church, there was an opportunity to go to the Philippines that Lance signed up for. He thought someday he would meet someone on a mission trip–but the only girl going was already married, so she was out for the count. “For so long, I had been praying for God to prepare me for a relationship. He had really gotten my heart to the place it needed to be, stripping away all my crud.”

And just a few weeks later, Tibby walked through the doors to one of the Philippines meetings and Lance’s jaw dropped right to the floor. “I had seen her attractive personality, and I  thought this could be serious. I was like, ‘Okay Lord, I don’t want my brain to be focused on a relationship with her during this trip. I want to be focused on the mission.”

So he focused on the upcoming trip. But Tibby was always late to the meetings, and Lance would precariously make sure there was an empty chair next to him. A super sweet detail encompassing Lance’s caring heart was that he had started making bracelets to hand out to the kids, and needed some help in the final weeks getting them all done. Tibby jumped on the chance to help him. So they had to get together to… make some bracelets. Lance’s heart was set on her.

. . .

Then came the trip. 19 people came together for 2 weeks in the Philippines. “There were so many little logistics during the trip that brought us together–we would talk for hours. As we landed in Denver, we basically walked off that plane engaged.” Lance was super sick by this point, and Tibby got up from talking with some friends to see if Lance needed any essential oils. He obliged + told her she could go back + sit with her friends if she wanted to. To that, Tibby responded, “I’m right where I want to be.”

And that’s when the serious feelings talk came. “Tibby held back the word from the Lord her mom had shared with her, and she didn’t understand I had been praying since before that trip about her,” Lance laughed. They started speaking a little bit more blatantly about their relationship, Tibby recalls: “We really learned about each other on that trip, seeing what we’re made of. I never wanted to marry someone until I saw them in an element like that. When you’re hot as hell, eating crappy food, and working 16 hour days, you get to see how that person handles it. And I saw what I desired in a spouse in Lance.”

Only three weeks after returning from the trip, the couple began asking the Lord for a wedding date. He gave them March 30. “It’s crazy, but God just aligned it. And it’s so much better to walk in His timeline,” Tibby smiled.

{“In order to officially get engaged, we needed an engagement ring. I didn’t want to buy her one, so I created a ring out of silver + set the stone in. To me, that was the most special.” }

It was a Good Friday morning wedding covered in splendor. There wasn’t a person in the ceremony without goosebumps during the vows. And everything came together perfectly, just as God had aligned it. 


Venue: Wedgewood Ken Caryl

Second Shooter: Audrey Larson


  1. Elicia Brown says:

    So so so blessed to read this and by you both following God’s law and being obedient to his word then you shall be blessed and prosper in this new journey. Praise God!!!!

  2. janiece says:

    Just God ordained and blessed!! Sweet Sweet!! Love when you wait upon the Lord He blesses you beyond what you could imagine!

  3. janiece says:

    Just God ordained and blessed!! Sweet Sweet!! Love when you wait upon the Lord He blesses you beyond what you could imagine!

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