An Enchanted Golden Summer Wedding at McC Ranch

The Serviss Wedding

June 9, 2018

McC Ranch–Loveland, Colorado

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”

It was an anticipated summer day in the foothills of Loveland, Colorado; the red surrounding cliffs gleamed with light and there was magic in the air–you could feel it.

From the beginning of the day, their band of eclectic people with a raging love for the future Serviss’s flooded in with the sun. Between each other + those surrounding Kristin + Ronnie on their wedding day, the energy was ecstatic, full of belly-bursting laughter, and a gentle peace with them.

A hairstylist herself, Kristin couldn’t help herself with Ronnie’s hair on the wedding day–but she blindfolded him so it was fine 🙂

This is a peace born from a history of utter darkness. A peace not willed, but created. The depths of Kristin + Ronnie’s story can’t be wrapped into words, but when you look into their eyes, you feel the fullness of the places they’ve been.

Marrying Kristin also meant becoming the official father of Kristin’s two sweet teenagers, Caden + Isaiah.


When Kristin was ready to walk down the aisle, she headed to her first look–not with her groom, but with her boys.

Everyone was ready to watch the four become one family.

When their paths first intersected, Kristin carried with her the heaviness of losing her mother, a divorce, and domestic violence while Ronnie lived the day-to-day bachelor life. Their story starts where their good Father carried them home.

Kristin started a nonprofit called Project 31:25 to educate the community about domestic violence + aid women in abusive relationships in the transition to healthy lives. All the while, her + Ronnie fell deeply into a life-changing love.

Ronnie + Kristin had been preparing for this wedding over a year, hand-making every little detail in their garage so the wedding would be perfectly them. The result was truly remarkable, bringing their gifts of creativity + unity together to create a day that was their own.

The ceremony was an intimate gathering of community. The bridesmaids traded bouquets for puzzle pieces with personal messages written on them, and then they were seated with the groomsmen.

Next, Caden + Isaiah walked their mama down the aisle, met halfway by her dad, and finally onto where her beloved stood. Her sons were the only attendants to join the two at the altar, placing a weighty significance on their presence.

Tears streamed as the two exchanged endearing handwritten vows + the energy radiated throughout the whole ceremony. They have a love that will never be brought down.

It was a free-spirited day for free people. A day that was radical + powerful + simple.

At the end of the ceremony, Kristin said to us, “I’ve never known a peace like that before. We’ve been through some really tough stuff together, but in that moment I knew we were going to be okay. It was like every moment in my life led me to Ronnie.”


VENUE: McC Ranch
BRIDAL GOWN: Abelle Bridal
CAKE ARTIST: Creative Confections
DJ: Dallas Willbanks
FOOD: Colorocko Taco

  1. Aunt Irene says:

    So happy for you both, may the future bring the happiness and love you have now.

  2. Mike Marcus says:

    Awesome pictures love you guy truly a blessed day

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