Kristin + David’s Urban Wedding at Park Church Denver

The Key Wedding

June 16th, 2017

Park Church + Wynkoop Brewery, Denver, CO

June 16th greeted Kristin + David with moody, clouded light perfectly flooding into a chapel full of stained glass + history. Park Church has been home to them, and it felt like inviting all their favorite people into a gorgeous living room.  

The first time David met Kristin, he was sitting at his desk at the Children’s Hospital. His boss was walking through, introducing all the new staff, and Kristin just happened to be one of them. David was working in administration, Kristin an occupational therapist.

After that, they were just two coworkers who occasionally emailed, and that was it.


“I thought David was cute right when I met him, but we never really interacted. Then, one day I was just walking around at work with nothing to do. I asked the front desk staff if David was single, and that’s what started everything.”


Three months after they were first introduced, David got an email from the woman at the front desk–“Are you interested in anyone at the hospital? Because someone is interested in you.”


“It felt like something I would be asked in middle school, but I found out that person was actually Kristin. So I invited her out for a beer to figure out if there was a spark. And surely enough, there was.”

However, this is where the story took an unseen turn. The weekend after their date, David texted Kristin, saying he just wanted to be friends. “I was so upset because I was getting way more than friend vibes from him, and I was so confused, so I went to a brewery with my best friend + just complained to her about the whole story. I think this is hilarious, but two days later, I get a text. David asked me out again, and I said yes. We went to Zoo Lights, and he told me he had been seeing someone else. He decided to end it, and so we started dating.”

“I knew she was someone I really wanted to pursue, and we connected so well the first time we talked. I wanted to take time + sort out everything. I had seen a silly Snapchat video of her dancing in the kitchen with her friends making cookies. When I came back to talk to Kristin, I realized she had an energy I just wanted to be around.”

They found in each other what they’d both been searching for for a really long time–the same beliefs, values, and a peace with each other. They just knew.

And so on the morning of their wedding day, they read letters to each other about all the promises answered from Scripture, + all the ones to come.

“I was at a point in my life where I was praying for God to direct me toward people who would encourage me in my faith, and I believe that’s why God brought Kristin into my life. At the same time, Kristin was praying for the same thing. We could just be two people on the same path together.”

Then, it was time to tie the knot.


We headed to Denver’s iconic Union Station for some wedding party photos with a whole audience of giddy spectators.

Guests wrote little notes + prayers on adorable keys for the Keys.



VENUE: Park Church | Wynkoop Brewery
COORDINATOR: Homestead Collective
BRIDAL GOWN: Spring Sweet | Tiadora
FLORIST: Parker Blooms
CAKE ARTIST: Posh Pastries 
TUXES: Men’s Warehouse

  1. Le’Ann Key says:

    Wow you did beautiful work capturing the day!

  2. Kristen “Blue” Brooks says:

    Congratulations to both of you! Best wishes for all your future holds.

    Thank you for sharing your story. It was beautiful to read and your wedding was just as beautiful to see in pictures.

  3. Vanessa says:

    Congratulations & Blessed future for you!!

  4. Aunt Judy and Uncle Jim says:

    Beautiful wedding. Everyone looks so happy. Feels like we were there with these lovely pictures.

  5. Judy Skidmore says:

    Congratulations to your whole family. So much fun and great pictures.

  6. Diana Johnson says:

    Beautiful pictures! Priceless! Love and many happy memories ahead for you !
    Much love from your Indiana cuz. Hope to meet Kristen someday,💕💕💕😘

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