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Soumya + Phil Scottsbluff, Nebraska May 25th, 2019 May greeted Phil + Soumya’s wedding day with warmth + perfect little Toy-Story clouds hanging in the bright blue sky, after a long week of snow + rain. Phil + his two best men got ready in a quaint Nebraskan home. Memories were shared, laughter was exchanged, […]

Sarah + Brenton Moss Denver, Colorado 5/11/19 It was 2010 in India. Sarah was in the country doing research for her job, but she couldn’t get a research permit. In a bind, she stayed the night at a hotel + met a man from Israel named Aton. After conversing for a while, he begged her […]

Effortless style. Matching glasses that remind you to stay curious. Artichoke bouquet. Whimsical color. Tweed jacket. Chris + Alyssa, you were the most adorable bride + groom. Wedgewood Weddings Mountain View Ranch | Denver Wedding Photographer

After shooting weddings for seven years, I feel like one of the most misunderstood aspects of the day is detail photography. When it comes to your wedding, it’s the small, intricate particulars that can often go overlooked amidst the sea of other planning. But hear me out on this–the detail photos can be some of […]

  Serving His Children, Uganda  Malnutrition is responsible for 45%of child deaths under the ager of five. Last Spring I had the gift of venturing into rural homes + hospitals throughout Uganda with Serving His to witness how malnutrition is being fought firsthand. I finally had the chance to put together all these beautiful interviews with families […]

Korben + Colleen’s Wedding Rollerland, Fort Collins, Colorado January 20, 2019   This is a story about the two most charming, full-of-life, exploding-with-whimsy souls ever to exist. Colleen + Korben’s relationship began spontaneously, but ended up being the furthest thing from just a happy accident. It was a beautiful promise–a gift from a faithful God. […]

Jaclyn + Tyler’s Wedding Mountain View Church, Fort Collins, Colorado January 12, 2019   It was a wedding day that felt like home. In a chapel locals drive by regularly, standing on the corner of Fort Collins’ Old Town for ages, Tyler + Jaclyn’s most intimate people gathered. Mountain View Church is an old, gorgeously […]

Stacey + Andrew’s Wedding Highland’s Ranch Mansion, Colorado January 6, 2019 “Stacey + I met the first time three years ago through an online dating site, and I remember being very attracted to her so I asked her out. I drove up to meet her + I got out of my car, and realized I […]

Tiffany + Charlie’s Wedding November 16th, 2018 Silverthorne, Colorado    The day began as the best mornings in the mountains always do–cozied up in cabins with windows reaching to the sky + views of the peaks surrounding the valley. This day was no different, except for that Charlie + Tiffany’s closest people had traveled from […]

Tristan + Monti’s Wedding October 20th, 2018 The Mishawaka Amphitheater, Fort Collins, Colorado The ‘Mish’, as the locals call it, is a historic, riverside concert venue tucked into the winding canyon, surrounded by mountains. It’s where the unconventional reside; the hippies + camper dwellers + nature lovers + free spirited alike.    Which made for […]